The Calendar View, or Dashboard, provides a quick calendar overview of the tournaments you manage or are involved with. Clicking on any item in the calendar will bring up a summary of the event on the right side. The calendar can be filtered to just specific types of events, and this same calendar, in various styles, can be published to a public website.

The Tournaments View allows specific details about each tournament to be viewed and changed. Here we are looking at just one part of the view, showing the tournament bracket and details of one match and its participants. The bracket is "live," showing summaries of participants and matches as you hover on elements. During play, participants can be "dragged" to the winner's bracket as they win matches; the system will prompt for match details and the database will be updated to record match wins/losses and rankings. And yes, any and all of this can be projected live onto the public website!

The Participants View lets you add and remove tournament participants, with intelligent filtering by sport, name, and more. Participants can be individuals or teams, and the system tracks team rosters, athletic records, contact information and more!

There is much, much more to the system, and much is still under development...but this should give you an idea of the capabilities we are developing. Contact us for more details on when and how we plan to deploy TOURNABOUT.